RRGSD Middle School Instructional Options Overview 2020-21 School Year

Face to Face Instruction:

  • Attendance: Students are expected to attend daily. Any absences should be documented with a written note.

  • Accountability: All work completed in both classrooms will be assessed, and feedback will be given by the child’s assigned teacher(s).

  • Location: Students in grade 6 will be housed at Chaloner Middle School (along with 5th grade students from Belmont and Manning) with a school day of 8:25AM-3:35PM. Students in grades 7 and 8 will be housed at RRHS with a school day of 7:25AM-2:25PM.

  • Your student will be assigned to subject-area teachers on a team, just as they normally would; however, due to social distancing requirements, rosters will be divided into 12-15 students per classroom setting.

  • Subject-area teachers will be face-to-face with each group for half of the time. This will be in period increments as determined by the team.

  • While not with the assigned teacher, a facilitator will be assigned to supervise and assist with the instruction planned/provided by the subject-area teacher. Facilitators will use a variety of methods and materials to engage the students while they are not with the assigned teacher, including but not limited to: Google Meets, live-streamed videos, engaging practice, hands-on tasks, etc.

Virtual Instruction:

  • Each Sunday by 5PM, the virtual teacher will post the Remote Learning Instruction Plan, to give parents/guardians a “Week at a Glance” perspective on the expectations for the upcoming week.

  • Attendance: All students are expected to complete Google Classroom assignments and participate in all assigned Google Meets in order to be counted “present” for a virtual school day. Parents will have flexibility within the daily and weekly schedule (i.e. to mutually set up with the virtual teacher times within the school day that are best for live meetings). However, once those times are set up, students and parents should make every effort to attend, or be counted absent. Strong communication between parents and teachers is essential, especially around times when students may be unable to participate in virtual instruction.

  • Accountability: Students participating in fully virtual learning will be held accountable for both mastery and completion of Google Classroom assignments. Grades will be given in a similar fashion to face-to-face instruction. Timely feedback will be provided by the virtual teacher regarding accuracy and mastery of the material. Remote learning will NOT be designed to be completed in one sitting or in one day of the week. Rather, our intention is to provide as robust an instructional experience as possible, and that means in part that students will need to engage, to some degree, EACH school day.

Minimum Virtual Commitments:

  • Video and/or live-stream of new instructional content: The virtual teacher will set a time each day where students can watch instruction live. This video will be recorded so that it can be viewed later, should the family need to do so.

  • Grade Spans have different daily maximums for this new lesson delivery and time for assignments is as follows...

Morning Meeting (AM)Live/RecordedReading (AM)Live/RecordedMath (PM)Time for AllAssignmentsGrade 615 min45 min45 min90 minGrade 715 min60 min60 min105 minGrade 815 min60 min60 Min120 min

  • Live individual video check-ins: Virtual teachers will hold a minimum of 1-2 individual video check-ins each week with each student, at a day/time mutually scheduled with the family.

  • “Office hours”: Each virtual teacher will set aside a daily time on their calendar for an open Google Meet for any students/parents who may have questions or need additional support at a separate time from their individual check-in.

  • Morning Meeting: In order to facilitate as much normalcy as possible for students, we want to make sure that they have an opportunity each day to engage socially with their peers, even if they are in a virtual setting. Therefore, each virtual teacher will hold a “Morning Meeting” (no more than 15 minutes) that all students will attend for social-emotional learning and relationship building.

  • Additional resources/instructional materials: Each virtual teacher commits to posting supplemental and/or enrichment/remediation resources on the topics covered each week, to help support students and parents with the content.

  • Independent reading: Similar to those participating face-to-face, students will be asked to commit to at least 20 minutes of reading during the school day, and at least 20 minutes of reading for “homework”. This is crucial for their continued growth in literacy.