Manning Students Read Nearly 200,000 Minutes in Hurricanes Contest

Manning Elementary students were treated to an afternoon of games and prizes from the Carolina Hurricanes and mascot Stormy.   The school was named in the top five in the region for collectively reading nearly 200,000 minutes as part of the Hurricane’s annual “Pick Up A Book and Read” campaign.  

The following students made the “All-Star Team” for reading the most in their respective grade levels.  

Mrs. Butler’s 3rd grade class… COLLIN HALL with 5,495 MINUTES

Mrs. Clary’s 3rd grade class… ASHBY GREEN with 1,765 MINUTES

Mrs. Cash’s 3rd grade class… TAYLOR MOORE with 2,750 MINUTES

Ms. Dumas’ 3rd grade class… FINLEY PAIR with 1,260 MINUTES

Mrs. Elliott’s 4th grade class… KAYDENCE BEST with 3,960 MINUTES

Mrs. Wells’ 4th grade class... ASHLEIGH MOSELEY with 6,318 MINUTES

Mrs. Williams’ 4th grade class…GABBY BURKE with 2,100 MINUTES

Mrs. Pleasant’s 4th grade class…JAMI MAY with 4,708 MINUTES

Mrs. Casper’s 4th grade class…DE’AYJAH MARCELIN with 3,340 MINUTES

Mrs. Powell’s 5th grade class…TRINI MAGANA with 4,293 MINUTES

Mrs. Horton’s 5th grade class... BRENDON LOVE with 2,850 MINUTES

Mrs. Skinner’s 5th grade class…LANDEN BRIGGS with 3,020 MINUTES

Collin Hall, Ashleigh Moseley, and Trini Magana were Manning’s top readers and received a signed Canes puck for their hard work.  

According to the Hurricanes, The Pick Up a Book and Read program is designed to motivate students  to feel excited about reading. “By providing program incentives, we hope to propel children to a higher reading level while encouraging them to take responsibility for their reading.”  Students use a score card to track their minutes read over a six week span and have it initialed by an adult.