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Dr. Dain Butler 252-519-7100
Superintendent Email Dr. Dain Butler
Lowell Rogers 252-519-7126
Assistant Superintendent Email Lowell  Rogers
Alexandria Evans 252-519-7128
Director of Exceptional Children Email Alexandria Evans
Robbie Clements 252-519-7121
Director of Facilities and Operations Email Robbie Clements
Andrea Midgette 252-519-7124
Chief Finance Officer Email Andrea Midgette
Michelle Puckett 252-519-7120
Director of School Nutrition Email Michelle Puckett
Tom Davis 252-519-7122
Executive Director of Student Support Services Email Tom Davis
Mark Kuchenbrod 252-519-7140
Chief Technology Officer Email Mark Kuchenbrod
Cynthia Wright 252-519-7142
Director of Testing and Accountability Email Cynthia Wright