RRHS To Livestream High School Sports

Roanoke Rapids Graded School District is partnering with the National Federation of State High School Associations Network (NFHS) and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association  (NCHSAA) to live stream sporting events that take place in the Roanoke Rapids High School Gym and at Hoyle Field Stadium.  

“This could not have come at a better time for us.  Due to state restrictions, we’re limited to 25 spectators in our gym and 100 at our football games this year.  This will give families an opportunity to watch their student athletes and also help us recover some of the gate and concession revenue we will be losing this year due to COVID-19 restrictions,” said Jeff White, Principal. 

RRGSD will be joining other schools in the Northern Carolina Athletic Conference and across the state that will be offering both live stream and on demand video of their athletic events.  RRHS will begin with volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, and wrestling with hopes of expanding to other events in future years.  

The NFHS Network in partnership with NCHSAA offered our high school two cameras at no charge as a way of helping schools during these unprecedented times.  The automated camera systems will be installed in both the RRHS Gym and at Hoyle Field with hopes of offering live broadcasts of RRHS volleyball in late November.  

“We’re excited to be able to offer this to our Yellow Jacket supporters.  The NFHS Network is also allowing us to keep 100% of any advertising revenue we’re able to get from local businesses.  We will be asking businesses to sponsor the games in exchange for mentions during the broadcast and logo placement on the screen similar to what you may see on professional games.   This is a tough year for us, but we know our community alway comes through,” said Mark Snead, RRHS Athletic Director.  

In lieu of admission that is traditionally charged, RRGSD families can purchase a monthly subscription for $10.99 or a $69 yearly pass.  The subscription or “Jacket Video Pass” will give subscribers “live stream” video access, past events on demand, and access to away games at participating NFHS schools.   

NFHS Network Jacket Sports Subscription

“This is really a win/win for our school, students, their families, and the community.  We’re excited about this,” White added.