Immunization Rules Clarified for Students

Governor Roy Cooper and the State Health Director have clarified the rules regarding student immunizations.   This directly impacts new students from out of state and entering public school for the first time, Pre-K, Kindergartners, 7th graders, and high school seniors. 

  •  Parents or guardians must submit proof of required immunizations for all students and health         assessments for new public school students by Dec. 30, 2020. 
  •  For students enrolled after the current extension, parents or guardians must present proof of immunizations within 30 calendar days of their first date of attendance.
  • Beginning Dec. 31, 2020 students will be excluded from in-person and remote learning until parents or guardians can provide the required documentation (certificate of immunization, NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form) for immunizations and health assessment to which they are subject.

“This state mandate means that students who don’t have the proper records will not be allowed to attend school for face to face instruction, or even learn remotely.  This state clarification will force us to shut off their devices until we receive the proper documentation,” said Sarah Davis, BSN RN NCSN, RRGSD Lead Nurse.