RRGSD Reports Majority of Students Engaged In Virtual Learning

RRGSD teachers and administrators were praised Tuesday night for their efforts in keeping students engaged in online learning during the current COVID-19 crisis.  

According to a report presented to the Board, teachers were surveyed and indicated more than 71% of students are actively engaged, 21% sporadically engaged, and only 9% not engaged.   Actively engaged students are defined as those who attend live virtual sessions/watch recorded lessons and submit assignments consistently.  

“In terms of engagement levels, these numbers are similar to what we see in a normal year.  Our staff has worked hard during these virtual learning months to increase engagement through home visits, phone calls, virtual and in-person parent conferences, individual and small group virtual tutoring sessions, and communication with counselors and community outreach liaisons.  Additionally, we’ve offered English learner support, technology support, and School Nutrition services.  All of this collectively has helped keep students engaged amid these unprecedented times,” said Julie Thompson, Assistant Superintendent.    

“Overall I’m impressed with these numbers. This is far better than what we saw back in March of 2020 when we were first forced to close due to COVID-19,” said Dr. Dain Butler, Superintendent. 

“This looks different from what we hear on the streets.  I’m really optimistic.  We have an awesome group of very professional teachers out there doing things outside the box.  I see it with my own children.  What we’re going through as a society for lack of a better word ‘stinks’ but I just want to thank our teachers for what they do daily,” said Ed Liverman, RRGSD Trustee.  

The Board will continue to monitor this data on a monthly basis while students remain in virtual learning.