Tree Planting at Belmont

Belmont third graders gathered around a tiny pin oak tree on the school’s playground Tuesday afternoon for a dedication ceremony in memory of their classmate Jihad Kee who died last October.  

“We chose the pin oak because it’s a strong and unique tree.  That’s what I think of when I think of Jihad.  His strong personality and uniqueness,” said teacher Mary Durham.  

Kee’s mom said she was thankful for all the love and support the school has shown to her and his siblings over the past few months.  

“Jihad will always be remembered for for his big smile and how much he loved to dance.  He loved this playground too.  That’s why we chose this location,” said teacher Tamatha Faulcon.  

A temporary sign was also placed beside the tree until a more permanent one can be delivered.  The sign reads, “ rooted in love, always in our hearts”.