Julie Thompson, Valencia Davis, Tammy Colston, Jay Carlisle, Michael Williams

At Tuesday night's RRGSD Board of Trustees meeting, four board members were recognized for their training achievements during the 2021-2022 school year.  The following board members were presented with certifications from the North Carolina School Board Association Academy of School Boardsmanship:

Tammy Colston - Certificate of Achievement

Valencia Davis - Bronze Award 

Michael Salanik - Scholars Circle

Dr. Michael Williams - Award of Distinction 

Additionally, Superintendent Julie Thompson announced that preliminary awards for the CTE Modernization grants were announced in late December. RRGSD was awarded $50,000 for Part 1 - Modernization for grades 6-8, which will be used to upgrade the Paxton Patterson Labs at Chaloner Middle School. The district was also awarded $35,000 for Part 2 - Ancillary Items for CTE. This will be used to purchase a Multipurpose CTE Center building for RRHS to use as a lab space for multiple CTE program areas. Grant administrators will work to send official Grant Award Notifications in the next few weeks. 

Additionally, she announced that a fundraiser will be held for the family of Thomas Goble on Thursday, February 9th at Rosemary United Methodist Church. Ed Liverman and Scott Hall with Friends will cook 200 Boston butts, and the price will be $45.  They can be picked up at the church parking lot at the corner of 9th and Jackson St. between 3 and 6 that afternoon. This will be just in time for Super Bowl weekend.  If you would like to purchase one, tickets will be available at the following places:

G.W. Hux and Co. Mon-Fri from 8 am – 5 pm (252-537-7770) 

B & J’s Cash and Carry Mon-Fri from 7:30 am- 5:30 pm (252-537-9191)

T.J. Davis Recreation Center Mon-Fri from 10 am- 5pm (contacts are Kelly Daughtry 252-676-5851 or Ryan Newsome 252-326-2047).  

You can also call the following people for tickets:

Phil Hux 252-532-3986

Joey Hudson 252-532-2061

Rex Stainback 252-529-8342

Jean Thompson 252-519-7100